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The Third Love
N. King


n. kING

Sometimes while 'being in love' we become strangers to ourselves. Brooke has always moved from relationship to relationship, security became her attachment. But for her, a new relationship with Stephen begins and shortly ends. In her aloneness Brooke begins to rediscover herself.


Director // Michael Tanji


Producer // Kimberly Seko


Writer // Keiko Sugihara


Director of Photography // Michael Tanji


Sound // Michael Cameneti


Crew // Triton Oshiro, Reno Champ, Andrew Pezzulo, Mathew Medeiros, Todd Fink, Bradley Crawford, Zak Tom, Michael Kini, Joshua Trotter, RJ Delim, Katterina Camit


Cast // Justine Godfrey, Darren Enos, Shelby Caple

Run Time // 0:04:14

Kalany is hesitant; about to go on his first hold up driven by money, and the search for his place in life. His worst fears are realized when things don't go according to plan.


Director // Kali Kasashima


Producer // Shannon Kamigawa


Writer // Kali Kasashima


Director of Photography // Jake Nowicki


Sound // Justin Omori


Crew // Erin Lau, Robert Chuck


Cast // Kalany Omengkar, Anthony Ing, Ben Villeza


Run Time // 0:10:40

A Sakada Story



A Sakada Story tells the life story of plantation laborer, Cipriano Erice, who with hard work and sheer determination created a better life for himself and his family, giving his children the opportunity for education he never had. Mr. Erice is a Sakada -- Filipino contract worker who immigrated to Hawaii between 1906-1946 to work as laborers for Hawaii’s sugar plantations.


Director // Maribel Apuya


Producer // Maribel Apuya, Chandler Griffin


Writer // Maribel Apuya


Director of Photography // Maribel Apuya, Chandler Griffin


Sound // Maribel Apuya, Chandler Griffin


Crew // Maribel Apuya, Chandler Griffin


Cast // Cipriano Erice, Marina Erice, and Randall Erice


Run Time // 0:09:27

All is not as it seems when single-dad Jake Baldwin and his son return to the big island for their annual fishing trip.


Director // Walter Dods


Producer // Darrin Kaneshiro & Michelle Addington


Writer // Walter Dods


Director of Photography // Shawn Hiatt


Sound // John McFadden


Crew // Shawn Hiatt, Vincent Lucero, Lee Kaneakua, James Levy, Amos Kotomori, Xavier Figueroa, Matt Berner, Jason Fratis, Brandon Han, Chris Mapes, Keoki Smith, Ashley Smith


Cast //John Diehl, Stian Lintvedt, Clare Nono, Tony

Silva, Jennifer Sojot, Brandon Toma


Run Time // 0:18:00

Lahina Noon


Lāhainā nOON

A local Japanese and fallout in society has made stealing his way of life. Lost in his own ways, Yu forgets all traditions and values for the sacrifice of money.


Director // Kyle Kosaki


Producer // Shelby Tahara


Writer // Kyle Kosaki, Matt Matches


Director of Photography // Kyle Kiff


Sound // Stacy Swinehart


Crew //  Kelsey Duvauchelle, Dane Stilwell, John Gilmore, Scott Mohanram, Blake Abes, Jada Mouton


Cast // Ken Takemura, Shiro Kawai


Run Time // 00:11:01

Lāhainā Noon interweaves three separate short stories that occur during the yearly tropical solar phenomenon in which the sun passes directly overhead at noon so that upright objects do not cast a shadow. Hawaiians believe at that moment one's shadow crawls back into their body it gives an individual extra mana (or spiritual power.)


 This belief, paired with Psychologist Carl Jung's theories of unconscious desire known as the shadow self, sets the stage for this film where the characters deepest desires are exposed and amplified by the cruel Lāhainā Noon sun.


Director // Christopher Kahunahana


Producer // Patricia Amaral Buskirk


Writer // Christopher Kahunahana


Director of Photography // Ryan Miyamoto


Sound // N/A


Crew // Joseph Paahana


Cast // Eriko Okada, Shiro Kawai, Durrel Douthet

Run Time
// 0:15:00

High Rider
The Lei Makers

high rider

the lei makers

An eerie tropical fairy tale about a skater girl and the strange characters she encounters on her ride to work.


Director // Bradley Tangonan


Producer // Neil Sauvage


Writer // Bradley Tangonan


Director of Photography // Jeremy Snell


Sound // Josh Brown


Crew // Bradley Tangonan, Neil Sauvage, Jeremy Snell, Jennifer Tracey, Lexington Graham, Fe Bailey, Jess Johnston, Jeremy Wilson, Joshua Brown, Anthony Vallejo-Sanderson, Alex Bocchieri, Cheryl Brown, Carima Robinson, Gus Downs, Wilfred Tangonan


Cast // Nalani Ravelo, Kai’ani Cabral, Wailani, Cabral, Malia Cabral, Pumehana Pico, Wilson Ho, Devin Homsher, Manu Hoapili


Run Time // 00:07:25

Tensions rise and petals fly when two older women running lei stands at the Honolulu Airport battle it out over each other’s customers.


Director // Allison Kennedy


Producer // Allison Kennedy, David Kabisch


Writer // David Kabisch


Director of Photography // Antonio Agosto


Sound // Scott Mohanram, Justin Omori


Crew // Blake Abes, John Kim, Jamie-Lee Tang, Ken Monroe, Tyler Tiqui-Tagura, Asia Valle


Cast // Marlene Nawahine Kuraoka, Joanne Yoneshige, Holli Holmen, Robin Gutierrez


Run Time // 0:08:00

Life in Frames



A victimized high school student struggles to maintain his sanity when his childhood imaginary friend resurfaces and offers gruesome advice on how to deal with the school bully.


Director // Josh Almario


Producer // Shelby Tahara


Writer // Josh Almario


Director of Photography //Matthew Ergina


Sound // Richard Wood


Crew // Jacky Chang (1st AC), Kyle Kosaki (2nd AC),  Kyle Kosaki & Blake Abes (Grip/Gaffer), Scott Mohanram (Production Design), Leon Sheen (Fight Choreographer), Dane Stilwell (Script Supervisor), Jamie Souza & Jada Mouton (Make Up Artist), Rayshaun Thompson (Composer), David James (Ambient Music Design), Dane Stilwell (St-Hill Editor), Blake Abes (SFX Editor), Shareef Parran (Sound Design), Max Ebersbach (Assisted by), Asia Valle (BTS Photographer)


Cast // Erik Wagenman (Erik), Dan Doohan (SID), Ken Takemura (Brad), Madeline Hoover (Phoebe),  Beth E. Barry (Mrs. Hinshaw), Eric Bott (Mr. Lee),  Mary Ann Vasaturo (Erik's Mom), Steve Dillard (Erik's Dad), Scott Schewe (Detective)


Run Time // 0:15:14

An offbeat dramedy about Liv, a bride who must decide whether to call off her dream wedding or live her life in someone else's fairytale.


Director // Cassie Favreau-Chung


Producer // Alexis Hernandez


Writer // Cassie Favreau-Chung


Director of Photography // Elliana Moore


Sound // Akane Kashiwazaki


Crew // Christopher Thomas Howard, Josh Lum, Tai Tran


Cast // Nicole Shepard, Pedro Haro, Gina Mears, Jan McGrath, Rebecca McCarthy, Motomi Schewe, Craig Howes, Peter Togawa, Nick Fink


Run Time // 0:10:42

The Fishing Club
Day Pass


Day pASS

With one of Hawai‘i’s last pristine shorelines threatened by development, a group of friends try to stop the construction of a large resort – and end up getting a lot more than they bargained for.


Director // David Rosen


Producer // Dana Hankins


Writer // Catherine Tarleton


Director of Photography // Shawn Hiatt


Sound // Howard Wells


Crew // Matthew Goldstein, Matthew Berner, Warner Wacha, Will Wacha, Caleb Lucero, Jason Fratis, Scott Lisetor, Tweed Johnston, Lee Kaneakua, Keoki Smith, Xavier Figueroa, Cedric Fujita, Jess Johnston, Everett Galisa, Steve DeFeo, Fe Bailey, Daniel Bailey, David Crans, Wendy Gibson, Lexington Graham, Jennifer Tracey, Anthony Vallejo-Sanderson, Darrin Kaneshiro


Cast // Robert Kekaula, Keali'i Reichel, Theo Coumbis, Ani Compton, Allan Okubo, Kyler Sakamoto


Run Time // 0:28:50

A subtle dramedy, based on the Island of Hawaii, about a distant brother & sister attempting to reconnect as they drive across island for an annual family event.


Director // Erin Lau


Producer // Shasta Yamada, Shannon Kaminaga


Writer // Justin Omori


Director of Photography // Reynolds Barney


Sound // Justin Omori, Dane Stilwell


Crew // Kali Kasashima, Robert Chuck, Jake Nowicki, Layla Tripp


Cast // Leon Sheen, Christina Uyeno


Run Time // 0:17:37

The Story of Robery Yokoyama

The Story of Robert Yokoyama

Born three months premature and diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Robert Yokoyama has grown to persevere and thrive through his physical limitations.


Director // Sherwin Acidera


Producer // Sherwin Acidera


Writer // Sherwin Acidera


Director of Photography // Sherwin Acidera


Sound // Sherwin Acidera


Crew // Sherwin Acidera, Pono Grace


Cast // Robert Yokoyama


Run Time // 0:10:00


Tony, a fine dining chef from New York, talks about how family and food is helping him recover from a stroke.


Director // Christopher Ahn, Alexander Bocchieri


Producer // Christopher Ahn, Alexander Bocchieri


Writer // Christopher Ahn, Alexander Bocchieri


Director of Photography // Christopher Ahn


Sound // Alexander Bocchier


Crew // Christopher Ahn, Alexander Bocchieri, Kali Kasashima


Cast // Tony Morero, Fred Morero


Run Time // 0:08:24

moving pictures we made


tEASER 2: wRITER'S block



A quirky comedy about a misfit high school senior who unwillingly assists a grumpy cancer patient in order to graduate, and along the way discovers the beginning of an unlikely friendship.


Director // Keiko Sugihara


Producer // Kala Crowell


Writer // Keiko Sugihara


Director of Photography // Blake Abes


Sound // Antonio Agosto


Crew // Alana Bombino (AD), Kyle Kosaki & Victor Pawid (AC), Blake Abes (Editor), Dane Stilwell &  Stephen Picardal (Boom Operators), Robert Chuck (Grip), Annah Spakowsky (Hair & Makeup), Andrew Kim, Liana Lewis, Jackson Halford, Sean Baran, Stephen Picardal, Jason Fukushima (PA), Ashley Aurellano (BTS & Still Photographer), Ai Okuno &  Andrew Kim (Art & props)


Cast // Keiko Sugihara, James Harber, Alex Reis, Al Lanier, Lareina Benros, Hailey Farah, Karla Schuneman, Bluez, Bob Crowell


Run Time // 00:13:44

The story of Snow White told through the point of view of the infamous poison apple.


Director // Dane Neves


Producer // Chadwick Shimomura, Dane Neves, Chris Latronic


Writer // Dane Neves


Director of Photography // Robert Omura, Triton Oshiro


Sound // Dane Neves, Dave Tucciarone


Crew // Cheyne Gallarde (Production Designer), Chrystal Sato (Makeup), Jennifer Lau (Makeup), Keoni Maemori (Props), Miss Catwings (Costumes), Gabriel Yanagihara (Visual Effects), Brent Inga (Colorist)


Cast // Max Louie (voice of Red), Kimberly Long (Snow White), Lisa Chaly (The Queen), Chris Latronic (The Prince), Jesse Hiraya (Pint the dwarf), Christian Ocariza (Magic Mirror)


Run Time // 0:09:45

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Poison Apple

Poison Apple

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