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Ohina Facebook Ohina Instagram Ohina Instagram  For over 15 years, nearly a thousand acclaimed filmmakers, producers, directors and guests have come together to enjoy and celebrate short films created by students, amateurs and professionals alike. In the island’s native language, ‘Ohina literally means just that: a ‘gathering’ or ‘coming together’ and thus the ‘Ohina Short Film Showcase has provided a unique and intimate venue for its filmmakers to centralize and present their creative talents to their local community. Although entries can come from around the world, there is only one requirement...a creative relationship to the Hawaiian isles. This year ‘Ohina has some great changes to celebrate: a sleek new look and feel for stronger brand presence, fresh selections of entertaining short films for an expanding catalog of titles, partnerships with established editorial content providers and producers for extended reach and storytelling, a variety of sponsorship packages created to help you specifically get involved at a level you can feel comfortable with, and much, much more. The ‘Ohina Board of Directors would like to personally invite you to join in as a sponsor for this year’s reboot of the festival. As the entertainment industry continues to grow and thrive in Hawai‘i, ‘Ohina is positioned as a premium opportunity to connect with this developing creative market and engage with it’s core contributors and audience members. With your support, ‘Ohina can continue to provide enthusiastic filmmakers an arena to develop their craft as well as showcase their original work. Please find enclosed a list of varying sponsorship benefit levels along with the associated registration form. One of our Board Members will be following up with you shortly to confirm your receipt of our media pack. Mahalo,

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