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What is `Ohina about?


`Ohina: The Short Film Showcase was created to support a variety of Hawaii's Independent filmmakers and provide them with a chance to exhibit their films to the local community.


Who can enter?


Professionals, students, or hobbyists!  Experienced or novices!  All are welcome!  Although, short films must be made in the state of Hawaii or by filmmakers who are Hawaii residents but are either attending school or temporarily working out of state (ex: enrolled in college on the mainland or military personnel stationed overseas).


Can I enter a student film?


Absolutely!  We are especially pushing high school students to submit this year!


Who determines what gets in?


`Ohina asks an all vounteer, independent board of industry related professionals to select the films that will be screened.


Are there any awards?


Getting in is the award!  `Ohina is all about gathering and showcasing some of the best short films that Hawaii has to offer.


No set categories!  No special individual awards!  Just the art form and the audience!


Who pays for `Ohina?


`Ohina is a non-profit organization with an all volunteer staff. `Ohina's operational and marketing expenses help continue our mission as well as provide a venue for filmmakers to exhibit their films to the local community.


Why should I submit?


Why not?


If you are a Hawaii filmmaker and have a deep appreciation and passion for making short films, then this is the venue for you!  `Ohina's program is set up so selected shorts will be screened multiple times in a day, all in one weekend.


That's a lot of potential exposure for any filmmaker!


Does my movie have to be a Premiere?


No.  No matter what, we want to see it!




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